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Pet Boarding Form

*If you want to pick up your pet on Sundays and holidays an additional charge of $650.00 RD will be added to your bill.

What phone number should we contact in case of an emergency?

The boarding policy states that any pet entering our facility for a boarding period of one night or more will be bathed prior to departure. The bath will have a discount of $150.00 RD off of the normal established bathing rate.

Upon arrival, you must bring your pet with proof of current vaccinations. Those who do not meet this requirement WILL BE vaccinated on the day of arrival, without exception. An automatic revaccination charge will be added to your bill, in the case of dogs and cats.

Type of food my pet should eat: 1x/day 2x/day Free Access During these days, my pet requires the following additional special considerations:






    Walks per day

    Exercise sessions per day

Personal Belongings: Please list all the toys, clothing, collars/leashes, bedding, and accessories that you leave with your pet:




While my pet is in boarding, I would like the doctor to examine and treat the issues listed below. Note that in addition to the consultation, your bill will reflect any additional charges applicable to diagnostic tests and/or treatments:




Please choose one of the following options for us to take the best possible care of your pet:

I authorize no treatment without my prior consent. Please contact me before any procedure.

I always authorize the appropriate treatment when the cost is not higher than $ . If the cost will be higher, please contact me before proceeding.

I authorize the appropriate treatment for my pet no matter the cost, please complete all procedures that are required, with no regard to cost.

I authorize the appropriate treatment for my pet in the case of any problem that may arise during my absence, throughout the stay of my pet at your facility.

Payments for services provided by our company for the reasons mentioned above must be repaid in full when picking up your pet, without exceptions of case or person.

Electronic Signature of Compliance and Responsibility        Date

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